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About Ecokick Foundation 

RSIN: 860806650


Ecosystem Kickstarter (EK) is a product/label from Ecokick Foundation. This foundation manages the trade name, Intellectual property and brand guidelines of the EK and future products. 
In addition the foundation has a fundraising function with a focus on the research and development.
The research will be directed at product improvement and creating more impact in developing nations in the field of landscape restoration. 
We identify as a truly social/sustainable enterprise.

Remuneration policy
Corresponding with our statutes, none of the board members receive remuneration for their activities for the foundation.

Feel free to contact us through the contact form on this website. 


Policy plan

Our policy 2020-2025 in outline:
Ecokick Foundation focusses on the nexus of landscape restoration, circular design and entrepreneurship. In the field of landscape restoration our product, the EK, contributes to restoring landcapes that are damaged by erosion. This restoration leads to more food security for the communities who depend on this land. 

The design of the EK is circular in design, which means that local, natural fibers are the resource of the product. 
On the field of entrepreneurship Ecokick facilitates local entrepreneurs to product and market the EK product worldwide. This contributes greatly to more socio-economic development. 

In 2020 Ecokick Foundation focusses on the development of a minimal viable product (MVP) and on a large scale pilot with multiple Launching customers. 
In addition an experiment will be started by setting up the first Ecokick Production Unit in Uganda that will be the first production line outside the Netherlands. The ambition communicated in this businessplan is to restore 13.000 hectares before 2026 and make them available for food production. 

Download our complete businessplan 2020-2025 here (in Dutch)

Board composition


 Teun Vogel

Henrik Looij


Thom Bindels

Martijn Harlaar
General Board member